Speech Pathologist (New Graduate Position)

About the Business

You will be working with a team that is passionate about giving children with speech, communication and feeding difficulties a better quality of life through personalised therapy services.

Your role is to support local families and the community to live happier and more comfortable lives.

What we value and how we adhere to these

Empathetic – You will get to know your clients better than anyone and we will trust you on what they need to achieve their goals.

Passionate – You will be one of a team that are dedicated to your clients.  You have an opportunity for flexibility, recognition and reward by being passionate about everything you do.

Inclusive – Your knowledge and voice are respected.  You are encouraged to collaborate with your teammates, your clients and the community to get the best results.

Personalised – You are given the freedom to deliver evidence-based practice in the most creative way you can think of.  If that means dressing up as a kids favourite character then we will love you even more!

Fun – You will be part of a team that uses fun in everything we do.  Imagine how much better an intervention session is going to go when the child is already playing and engaged in our reception area because our admin team know a therapy session doesn’t just start in a clinic room, it starts when they are welcomed at the front door.

About the role

You will be supported in finding your feet as a new therapist.  You will be supported professionally and financially but most importantly emotionally.  We get how stressful your first role can be.

You are up to date with the latest evidence-based practice.  You will get the support you need to put what you’ve learnt into practice.  You will be given a professional development budget and study leave to build on what you learn on the job with us.

Your caseload and capacity will build as your competence and confidence grow.  You will know you are doing a great job as more complex clients get introduced into your caseload.

You’ll get plenty of help from an experienced team of therapists.  In fact, you will share a staff room with them which promotes a collegiate environment focused on fun, problem solving and cake.

Benefits and perks

The value you will get out of the role will reflect the value that your clients, the business and your teammates get from you.  We have structures in place to recognise good performance, great work ethic, amazing outcomes and personal achievements. 

Skills and experience

We know that you are about to graduate with a fantastic qualification, but what we don’t know is about you, what makes you tick what do you want from your career.

You will need to Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist with Speech Pathology Australia or Eligible to do So.

So, send us your resume and a Cover letter.  We’re also free to have an informal conversation you can get a feel for what we’re about and why we think this role could be the best role you ever accept!