As part of providing a holistic speech pathology service to our clients, we offer our clients the opportunity to participate in therapy outside of the clinic. This can involve providing assessment and therapy services within the school setting.

To identify your eligibility to receive therapy services within the school setting, a discussion with your child’s speech pathologist will be required. The speech pathologist and family will determine the need of the school visit and availability of both the student at school and the speech pathologist.  

Prioritisation for school visits involves a number of factors including the client’s ability to attend in clinic sessions.  We build a personalised service and recognise if the client’s goals are better serviced during these school visits then we will do our best to accommodate school visits but cannot guarantee regular and on-going mobile services.  Availability of the speech pathologist and permission from the school will factor into how and when these services can be delivered.  School visits will incur additional costs to reflect the additional organising and liaison with the school as well as any travel costs incurred.

When we provide services within the school setting, we encourage frequent liaison with the family, to inform of current progress and observations. Providing services within the school setting also allows us to liaise closely with teachers, support staff and other professionals that are involved in the client’s education and care, to develop a multidisciplinary and holistic service to our client.

As a clinic-based service, we understand some clients may find it difficult to participate within an unfamiliar environment or may not be able to access the clinic. School sessions allow services to be provided in a familiar environment, enabling the speech pathologist to observe the client in a natural setting.

Preschool screening

Eat Speak Learn offer early childhood preschool centres the opportunity to partake in speech pathology screening services for their children. Our goal is to build capacity within your network and cater for the individual needs of children who may require speech pathology services. This involves a speech pathologist providing a very simple screening session to children aged 2½ -5 to identify potential issues.  This session is by no means comprehensive and may not identify mild issues. The speech pathologist will aim to observe as many children as can during the time provided to the preschool.

This observation activity is organised through the Early Learning Centre and an observation summary generated during the screening will be provided to the family and we do not keep any record of the interaction or personal details. 

We understand that each centre has different policies regarding screening services.  Please ensure any relevant consent requirements are actioned before the speech pathology service is delivered.  Eat Speak Learn do not keep or record any personal or observation information from this service.  An age appropriate observation summary is prepared for parents which can go home in the child’s school bag.  It is then up to the parent if they wish to take up any recommendations.

If we do not get the chance to observe your child or if you have communication concerns, then we encourage parents to come and see us in our Belconnen clinic.  We offer an initial consultation at no charge from which we can gather more information and provide advice on options.