Speech Pathologists

Our Speech Pathologists are passionate about the service they deliver and are happy to work with whoever you need them to in order to get the improvements you seek. This may include teachers, parents, nursing home staff, other therapists or any number of people that you need to communicate with. Whether they’re helping you to swallow, talk or play, they will engage with you at your level to build a rapport. We love that our therapists are trusted by you to deliver such an important life skill as communicating effectively.

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• Master of Speech and Language Pathology
• Bachelor of Arts
• Picture Exchange System(PECS)
• Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) feeding treatment
•Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD)

Lauren is an Owner, Director and Speech Pathologist at Eat Speak Learn. Prior to establishing her the clinic in 2014, Lauren worked in the community health sector providing a wide range of services in Canberra, Yass and surrounds for the government. The roll out of the NDIS meant a dramatic scaling back of these services and allied health professionals like Lauren had their world turned upside down. Lauren chose to launch Eat Speak Learn because she saw an opportunity to deliver therapeutic supports better. Lauren is tireless advocate for those that can’t advocate for themselves. She got into the disability sector because of her love of linguistics, languages and helping people. She is a mother of two and appreciates the complexities of trying to do the best for an individual in a family environment.


• Bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology
• Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD)
• Sounds-Write First Rate Phonics Program

Bridget is one of five children that grew up in the Riverina. Her love for the country is reflected in her enthusiasm in exploring the countryside and tracking down a good chocolate milkshake. Bridget is proof that speech pathology helps improve lives. Bridget was a participant in speech therapy as child and fondly remembers the sessions as fun times. She thought speechies were cool and we think she’s right too! Bridget’s community focused and always looking for ways to give back. Building positive relationships with the kids she sees is the most rewarding aspect of her job. As a big Moana fan, what can we say, she’s OK and you’re welcome to work with her at Eat Speak Learn.


• Bachelor of Speech and LanguagePathology
• Hanen More Than Words
• Sounds – Write First Rate Phonics

Aliesha is the quintessential Tasmanian – kind, empathetic and optimistic. She loves the outdoors and all the outdoorsy activities like hiking, motorbike riding, camping and kayaking.  As a Northern Tasmanian, Aliesha has it written into her social contract that she follows the Hawks in the AFL.  It is said that there are three types of Tasmanians, those that travel, those that don’t travel and those that should travel.  We have Aliesha – she loves to travel!  She also loves a good lamb Korma followed up with a simple homecooked dessert.


• Bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology
• Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD)
• Sounds-Write First Rate Phonics Program

Kiara is high energy and secretly a big kid at heart. She’s got the lowdown on all the coolest and latest kids movies and tv shows. As a child Kiara had the opportunity to witness her brother attend speech pathology sessions. It was this experience, and her desire to help people, that led her into becoming a Speech Pathologist. The glow you get from Kiara when you achieve something you’ve never done before, no matter how small, is infectious. Kiara was brought up to respect hard work which you will see in the way she delivers her sessions. She strives to help you achieve your goals and your maximum potential. She is willing to give anything a go and is always keen for a giggle.


• Master of Speech and Language Pathology
• LSVT Loud
• Picture Exchange System(PECS)
• Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) feeding treatment
• PROMPT for severe speech disorders
• Lidcombe program for stuttering.

Kim is a mother of three and a carer to her pet cat and husband. Speech pathology is Kim’s second career having previously serving the country in the Royal Australian Air Force. Ten years ago, she made the switch to fulfil her passion of helping people communicate. Kim has worked in various settings both in Australia and Hawaii including aged care, private practice, and government-based school and community environments. She also has extensive experience in providing therapy for adult voice disorders, complex swallowing conditions such as PEG to oral feeding transition, therapy for progressive neurological diseases, and LSVT Loud services. Kim has a special interest in linguistics and phonetics and has contributed to many Text To Speech projects including Siri with Apple Inc and Tom Tom GPS navigation system.


Bachelor of Speech Pathology Pragmatically Organised Dynamic Display (PODD)
Key Word Sign
Lidcombe Program Of Early stuttering Intervention
Hanen – It Takes Two To Talk
AGOSCI ACT State Executive

Jess is optimistic, energetic, creative and adventuress.  Jess embodies our key value of fun more than anyone else we know.  She’s always looking to bring an environment of entertainment to therapy that could otherwise be quite dry.  We expect the unexpected from Jess.  It is a pleasure to be around someone with interests as diverse as live music, snowboarding, travel, reading, dancing, food and wine.  Jess is into all the things that make life worth living.


Emily is caring, creative and committed to working alongside families to achieve their goals. Emily choose to work as a speech pathology after joking with some friends that she talks a little too much and should look at doing something combining her love of helping others and talking – meaning becoming a Speechie sounded like the perfect career! Prior to becoming a speech pathologist Emily worked as a Disability Support Worker particularly for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Down Syndrome learning many valuable skills including basic Key Word Sign and enjoys seeing the wonders that happen as people access a variety of services to help them achieve their goals.  Loving to Dance and playing multiple instruments means Emily loves incorporating music into as many things possible during the day both in and out of the clinic! Emily loves to travel and was fortunate to volunteer as a Speech Pathologist in Vietnam mid last year. She describes this as being “tricky though extremely fun and rewarding” as she had to work in an environment where she doesn’t speak the language as well as with children with a hearing impairment to work towards their goals, we think it’s safe to say she’s not afraid of a challenge! Emily loves doing everything possible she can to help others and looks forward to helping you through your families journey!


Bella is from Melbourne. She is passionate about helping kids feel empowered over their own development and watching young children become new, impressive and confident versions of themselves.  Nothing brings her more joy than getting to meet new kids, their unique personalities and learn from their fresh view of the world. In her down time, she likes to read, meet dogs, cook pasta, meet dogs, hike and meet dogs.  She has always been interested in art, and loves having the National Gallery of Australia so close. Her favourite artworks are the eccentric pumpkin paintings of Yayoi Kusama and one day she hopes to visit Japan to learn more about a culture that fascinates and interests her.  She loves spending time with family and her Nonna’s dinner table is where she learnt, from a young age, an appreciation for simple, good food and the joy it can add to life.



Kate is a new addition to our team, in an exciting new role as a telehealth only clinician. All the way from tropical Cairns, Kate brings experience and training in mealtime/feeding, early intervention, PROMPT (Restructuring of Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets) training and Circle of Security. Once restrictions are lifted, Kate is planning a trip around Australia in her van, and will be delivering services from a new town each week!