Discuss and learn relevant strategies as a group, allowing children to feel like they are not alone when it comes to challenging social communication skills  Learn social communication strategies in real-life situations  Allow child to reflect on communication with others as it happens  Practice social skills in more naturalistic settings and with similar-aged peers  Gain support of speech pathologists in real time   
Have you ever had a big day at work or been to a concert where you have nearly or completely lost your voice the day after? Most often than not, our voice returns, with TLC, hydration and rest. However, we never quite appreciate how much our voice supports us until we find ourselves without one. Beyond those who have had too much of a good weekend screaming out to horses at a Darryl Braithwaite concert,
Many young children may display “typical dysfluencies” in their speech as their language is emerging as they are learning many new words and sounds. For approximately 75 percent of preschool-age children who have a stutter, the stutter will go away without treatment. However, if parents notice their child’s stutter lasts longer than six months, if the stutter began after the age of 3½ years old, or there is a family history of stuttering it is
I love working at Eat Speak Learn. What I love the most is working with toddlers and pre-schoolers who are still learning to talk, are having trouble putting sentences together and finding it hard understanding what is being said to them. Parents often say to me that other family members, friends or members of the public comment on their child and say “he should be talking now” or “she is not listening and being naughty”.
“The greatest success we’ll ever know is helping others to succeed and grow”. It sounds cliché I know, but it really does epitomize why I do what I do. The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the smile on a child and their families faces when they finally reach a goal we have been working towards or finalising those discharge papers that not too long ago seemed out of reach. If someone asked