In early March, when just about everyone’s world got turned on its head, I found myself on the edge of a brave new world, and I was terrified.  Telehealth was something that I always wanted to get into properly, however it never seemed to be relevant to my workplace or a priority in the past – just always a ‘nice’ idea.  Rewind to about six months ago, I had to learn quick to ensure that
At the clinic, one of our values is #keepitfun. We not only have tons of fun with our clients and their families (think dance parties, games, dress ups and slime), we also have a bucket load of fun as a team. We love to make other’s day with the simple things such as making a cuppa for someone, or we play by making sneaky plans like a practical joke! We love creating memories that we
First Then Visuals A first ➡ then visual helps to show a sequence of events of activities that will take place. Visuals are put on a board to show the order of the activities that will occur. These can be used with any pictures and be presented in paper or digitally (e.g. iPad app). A first ➡ then visual can be a helpful tool to support children through transitioning between activities or events. It can
Choosing your attitude is one of the philosophies we live by at Eat Speak Learn and our approach to 2020 really brought this home. When the Covid Pandemic ramped up we were worried about losing everything; our jobs, our houses, our sanity! Our Clinic was located next door to a Centrelink Office and we watched hundreds of people line up out into the street when they unexpectedly found themselves out of work. I don’t think
Recasting is one of the most simple, easy to use strategies that can be used by a communication partner to help support a child’s speech and language development.    It involves the adult ‘correcting’ mistakes as part of the conversation but places no expectation on the child to copy the correction- even better if they do however! It allows a child to hear more accurate and descriptive language and provides them with plenty of opportunities to