As paediatric therapists, we are masters of disguising therapy into fun. My family often joke that all I do is blow bubbles and play games with kids all day. While that appears to be true, we are wizards at camouflaging our intervention goals into play and madness! Best job in the world right?! As you can imagine our resources consistent of toys, games, toys, games and more toys. Of course, we all have our favourite
Many Christmas/Birthday presents especially for kids come in a box. This gives you an extra tool that you can use for fun/games as well as the toy/object that comes out of it. Below are some ideas that might help for some inspiration! Make a car by adding paper plates as wheels and a steering wheel – discuss where your child is ‘going’ and what they can see. Make a shop front – practice buying and
Arts and Crafts is a great way to not only get into the school holiday spirit but to also build your child’s language. Simply look online for a visual sequence of instructions for your child to follow (or written if your child can read) and get all the crafty supplies you need. Here are some tips to make the most out of your art and craft activity: Help your child learn sequencing instructions in the
SOS stands for Sequential Oral Sensory and is an approach towards feeding assessment and intervention that is designed to address all factors involved in feeding difficulties. SOS has strong evidence in support of it’s methods and that’s why at Eat Speak Learn we have taken the time to ensure we can best implement this approach for our families. It’s philosophically based on the idea that “the child is always right”. This doesn’t mean that their
The transition back to school can be a worrying time for many of our kids especially if they are transitioning to a new school, or are not in a class with their friends. There are a few things we can do to help make this transition easier! Get back into the typical school routine about a week before school goes back – no more holiday bed times! Detail can often be calming – walk through