Prepositions are the words we use to describe where something is located – think words like “off, on, under, above, next to, left, right in-front or behind”. When we are learning language this is one of the easiest parts to miss as we become desperate for kids to tell us what they want or need forgetting about our other parts of language. Here are some fun game ideas to target prepositions if you are stuck
Our Speech Therapists may recommend support from other Allied Health Providers. Allied Health Providers are qualified professionals that deliver services to enhance and maintain function of their patients (clients) within a range of settings. There is an emphasis on healthy lifestyle and on independence; whether that is physically, psychologically, cognitively or socially. Allied health professions also have a large role in the management of people with disabilities from childhood to adult. Please find below information
Here at Eat Speak Learn the first step to seeing one of our speech therapists is to have a free initial consultation. This is relevant for all new clients. WHAT A free initial consultation is a 45 minute appointment to identify if speech therapy is appropriate for your family, what you need is in terms of intervention or assessment and our next steps. WHY This is simple – we want the best for you and
Stay on top of pain relief – take medicine at the suggested intervals by the doctor and don’t be late! Water, water and more water – keeping fluid up keeps the area moist preventing it becoming too sore and means there is no risk of dehydration. Soft foods will be your friend – While doctors suggest you eat as close to normal as possible for the first few days, it may hurt! Soft foods meant
Many families and children coming to our clinic have concerns regarding their child’s speech sounds. At our initial consultation with a family we will discuss these concerns, what they mean for you as a family and how we can progress from there. This will usually be through assessment to determine if your child’s speech sounds are within the average acquired expectation for their age. Assessment The age of acquisition of speech sounds varies quite significantly